In this portion of the Beachbody Compensation Plan, we are going to talk about Team Cycle Bonus, or Team Bonus. One of the biggest questions I get is “How do I earn team cycle bonuses as a Beachbody Coach?” It’s a common question I get because Team Cycle Bonuses is the main way 6 a [...]

Focusing on your Beachbody business is so important if you want to be a succeed as a Beachbody coach. Many people that join Team Beachbody don’t have a lot of time to begin with, so when they decide to become active Beachbody Coaches, time is limited. Let’s face it, time is limited for a [...]

Want to know a little secret? Most people want to refer their friends to you. That’s right. If you are doing your job as  Beachbody Coach, your challengers and customers love what you are doing for them. They have friends that need help. The problem? Most people will not tell you. Most people [...]


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Beachbody saved my life. It allowed me to lose 80 pounds, bring my blood pressure back to normal, and gave my life incredible purpose. Now I get to play with my kids every day, work from home, and spend my lifetime helping others get in the best physical and financial shape of their lives.
- Miguel Carrasco – Top Canadian Beachbody Coach -